Natural Protective Styles: Kanekalon Crochet Braids

Ladies are you still considering or indecisive about Crochet Braids? Well check out this new duo I put together for my first protective style of 2016.

image(The photo above was the first day they the crochet braids were installed) 

You will need :


(A Pair of Scissors, purple and/or cream perm rods, and a crochet needle that can all be purchased at your local beauty supply store). Of course you will need a comb and leave in moisturizer to tame your natural hair.

You will also need a 3-5 packs of Kanekalon or X- Pression hair (which I used in the color 1B) but you can always use the color of your choice.

Basic Steps: There are many crochet tutorials on Youtube on how to braid your hair, separate the extensions and install on to your scalp. This is on of my favorite v-bloggers who explained it the best: Kanekalon Crochet Braids Tutorial On top I used this knot less method to give it more of a natural look you can also have a natural leave out if your hair blends well with kanekalon hair.

Curling Steps: I cut my desired length before curling but you can also do that after, I just didn’t have time to roll all that hair.Separate in sections and brush through the crochet hair for straightening and taming. You can also add your favorite gel or leave in conditioner to give the hair some control and shine. After that separate the hair in smaller sections to begin rolling hair. My sections were pretty big actually like this:image

But it you want smaller curls then you can definitely make your sections smaller. You should roll the hair opposite of your face and make sure you twist the hair instead of letting the hair lay flat on the rod unless you want more of a spiral curl. Don’t worry if you lose space just keep twisting and rolling hair on top of the rod.

Once your done the last step is to boil a pot of hot water. I advise you if your too nervous to get somebody to help you with this step. Once the water is boiled get a coffee mug and dip the rolled hair by sections


Like I said be cautious for this step as you don’t want to have a tragic burn scar with your new hair do. Beauty takes pain but I’ll pass! After your done dipping with the hot water you should let the hair dry for atleast two hours. To speed up the process you can sit under a hooded dryer or use a handheld. I recommend to let the hair dry completely before styling that prevents frizz and you dripping around like a faucet.

After curls are dry you can take down the perm rods and continue to style by shaping the hair and cleaning up the fly always and strays. Here is the finish product: ( I didn’t separate the curls but you can if you would like I wanted a more chunky look) this is 3 day curls

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you ladies enjoy this style and gave you some inspiration to get you some crochet braids!


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