Black Twitter Gives us #TweetlikeDameDash & WE love It!

Our week has been made thanks to Black Twitter & the inspiration Dame Dash! Monday morning was on fire with laughs & memes from the Dame Dashs’ around the world.

Dame Dash visited Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” last week for an unforgettable interview. Instead of laughs and memories of the old Rocafella days, Dame flipped the script and went on a rant about the characteristics of real men and the drive to be a boss. He also said he wasn’t talking about Hov anymore and made DJ Envy turn red a little. Did he sound arrogant & demeaning? *PAUSE Yes but the man had valid points and some parts of his logic were spot on. I wasn’t feeling his delivery but we must not be selective about where the truth comes from. Hate Dame or Love Dame, He is from Harlem and that is all that matters according to him.

Check out our favorite tweets from yesterday and if you have an hour to spare watch this over the top conversation below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Breakfast Club Interview


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