Your Spending 3-7 Hours on Social Networks for Free? You Play Too Much!

This is a Wake Up Call Mahoganies, For those who deal with Social Media Dependency, we shall address this today!

Ask yourself this:
Why am I on Facebook? What does Facebook really do for me? Everybody has their reasons but this young lady by the name of Vera has it right. There is no reason why people of color should be spending this much time on social networks still broke, waiting for that refund check & food stamp money to come in. No disrespect to those who desperately need it but still we have too much access to a gold mine and are foolish because we are not utilizing it. This sista is an inspiration and she should be traveling, speaking to groups of people because she has a powerful voice and a strong presence.

Let’s let the cat out on those who are just on social media telling their business, liking posts/photos, Lol’s, and playing games. THIS MUST STOP NOW!

Show: The Kat’s Out on


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