Thoughts, ideas, or philosophical questions that race through your head when in the shower.
Showerthought is a loose term that applies to any thought you might have while carrying out a routine task like showering, driving, or daydreaming.

I wonder if flavor flav gets asked to removes his clocks before entering casinos since there are no clocks in casinos- weareSKOH


Cuddling is really just an evolutionary device to make sure your sex partner doesn’t abandon you in the middle of the night for another mate. (self.Showerthoughts)
submitted 47 minutes ago by Iffy_Kiffy_Izzy_Oh


Having sex with a condom is like playing the lottery and picking the worst numbers you could think of. Your chance of winning is low but you still bought the ticket. (self.Showerthoughts)
submitted an hour ago by Valkyrier

The whole point of life is to make memories, so why do people enjoy partaking in things that they can’t remember later? (self.Showerthoughts)
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On many applications, the choices are African American or White/other. Do “White-South African Americans” get crap if they check the African-American box?
submitted 4 hours ago by mkelsey4610

People may prefer mirror selfies because they are most comfortable with the mirror inverted version of their face which they see most often.
submitted 40 minutes ago by TheHaughtyHog

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