Throwback: Females Don’t Know Sh*T About Hip Hop

I never knew Hip Hop would be so influential in my life. I was born to two immigrants from West Africa, Liberia but raised in an urban environment introducing me to this culture. I grew up listening to everything from Nsync to Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Lucky Dube. But Hip Hop was something I discovered on my own. At the time my parents were into Whitney Houston and Anita Baker but me, I would secretly steal the boom box and record over my father’s favorite cassette tapes. I had everything from Biggie, Wu Tang, Jay-Z, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and Foxy Brown. My parents were actually open to listening to it because we were just a family who loved good music regardless. Hip Hop took over our whole household.

So when a guy tries to convince me that my knowledge on Hip Hop is weak I can’t help but grin. Hip Hop is a male dominated culture but we as women make this ship go around.We are the number one marketing tool. I am confident that I can join in any debate about Hip Hop and argue with any body on any rapper. Hip Hop is intermixed with so many other cultures that for you to be truly in love with it you have to listen to more than one other genre. So all you close minded clowns need to open up!

Check Out This debate On Women in Hip Hop

I’m not the only female who’s love for Hip Hop is deep, there’s probably thousands more from different races and different cultural backgrounds of women who yearn for the same respect like me. This world is more sexist than racist and it is beyond pathetic because the key to a thriving society is the happiness and respect of women.

Hip Hop is the best thing that ever happen to me. Females don’t know sh*t about Hip Hop? Ask Queen Latifah, ask MC Lyte, ask Sha Rock, Ask Missy Elliott. Ask Lauryn Hill. Ask the thousands of background dancers, hosts, managers, and entourages of the power heads of this industry.

We are Hip Hop too.

This post was like two years ago and I could honestly say I disagree with 1/3 of this bullshit I put in here. Hip Hop was made out of the Black culture, a Black Movement. But yes Hip Hop will always be open to other cultures as long as you respect the culture and the love is genuine.

But yes I still am a female student of Hip Hop, that will never change.


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