Video: Are Black Men Destroying Black Women?

In this world, it is safe to say that women are not protected. I believe every race has their issue with the treatment of women but is the Black race too much? Can you find many hate videos of women from other races? I really want y’all to watch this video and ponder on this so I will save the essay for another post.



  1. Kuya Dates

    I really appreciate this video. She hit on a lot of important issues . Black women are seen as a joke, and all of these reality shows like “basketball wives, love and hip hop, and real housewives etc is doing nothing more than enriching that in the minds of racist and ignorant people.

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    • I agree. I felt her hurt and passion for this issue. And I agree with most of her claims! Us as Black Women need to tackle this issue head on. No we don’t have to stop dating Black men but because not all are this way but we must confront the ones that are! Thanks for your views sis and take care!


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